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GreenROOM Tutorials

Call Moderator Interface

The call moderator interface is where the magic of GreenRoom happens. This is where to start from to use Reflex GreenRoom.

Invite Guest

How to Invite a WebCam Speaker by Email


How to video moderate your invited webcam contributors

Intercom System

How to use the intercom system

Remote Webcam Contributor Settings

Edit your invitees webcam contributors settings and devices settings remotely

Welcome Banner

How to change welcome image of your channel

Welcome Message

How to change the welcome message in your channel

Audio Mix Minus

How to easily achieve an audio mix minus webcam with VMIX and NDI Tools

Integrating In Production Environment

Integrating GreenROOM in OBS Studio, VMIX or any browser input source compatible video switcher without NDI

Webcam Contributor Interface

How to use GreenROOM WebRTC application as an invited webcam Speaker

Manage Cue Lines

How to manage the cue line system and to put your invited webcam contributors on air

Monitor Wall

How to use the monitor wall

Customize Invitation Emails

How to customize your channels webcam invite emails

Default Email Account

How to change the default email account used to send invitation

Add Production Team Members

How to change the welcome message in your channel

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